Polis road safety and ITS/traffic management meetings

Events open beyond Polis membership are the VRUITS final conference and the CIMEC/CODECS city pool workshop:

VRUITS: ITS to help vulnerable road users

VRUITS has investigated and piloted a range of ITS to enhance the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and powered two wheeler riaders, including:

  • infrastructure based ITS such as 'intelligent pedestrian traffic signal'
  • vehicle based ITS such as 'blind spot detection' and 'pedestrian detection systems & emergency breaking'
  • user-centric systems such as 'green wave for cyclists' or 'in-vehicle information on approaching powered-two wheeler'

During the final conference, the main findings and recommendations will be presented. The draft programme can be found here.

CIMEC/CODECS: Cooperative vehicles and infrastructure workshop

CIMEC and CODECS are both EC funded support actions (ie, not R&D projects), which are identifying and addressing the barriers to C-ITS deployment. CIMEC is a city-focused project whereas CODECS is mainly concerned with the C-ITS corridors (mainly interurban) although many of the activities undertaken and outputs expected will also apply to urban areas. The City Pool is a joint activity of both CIMEC and CODECS, with the aim of reaching out to a wider range of city representatives in order to understand needs, requirements and expectations for C-ITS, as well as to raise awareness of this technology domain. The draft agenda of the workshop can be found here.

Full programme

The full programme of events is as follows, including links for further information:

  • 2 March: Polis Road Safety Working Group meeting (Polis members only). Draft agenda available here (Polis member login required)
  • 3 March: 9.30-13hrs: VRUITS final conference on ITS to enhance road safety for vulnerable road users (public event). Further information, including draft agenda, here.
  • 3 March:14h-17.30hrs: CIMEC/CODECS city pool workshop on local authorities requirements for C-ITS (public event). Further information, including draft agenda, here.
  • 4 March: Polis TE&M WG meeting (Polis members only). More information here (login required)

Online registration is now open.