Polis presenting at WRI webinars for freight zero emissions, zero road deaths and zero exclusion

COVID-19 has revealed how much vital urban systems, like hospitals and grocery stores, depend on the reliable delivery of goods every day. Online shopping and home deliveries have also become a lifeline for many households during lockdowns. Now is the time for cities to look toward sustainable, collaborative and innovative freight solutions.

WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has pioneered an ambitious "Triple Zero" vision for urban transportation that strives for zero emissions, zero road deaths and zero exclusion from the health, education, food and economic services that make cities liveable and equitable for everyone. Urban freight is an essential, often overlooked piece to achieving this vision.

In a series of dedicated webinars, Giacomo Lozzi and Pedro Homem de Gouveia shared Polis' and their members' experience and vision on zero-emission and safe urban freight. An article summarising the discussion is available here.

Check Day 2 Panel on how companies are moving toward zero-emission urban freight fleets and what cities can do to help activate and support the electric vehicle transition.

Check Day 3 Panel on how cities are integrating urban freight into Vision Zero road safety targets, creating safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.