Polis member Toulouse is happy to kick-off its UIA project COMMUTE

The Project envisages:

  • The construction of a collaborative management system for mobility, bringing together all the players (companies, employees, communities, urban authority for mobility, citizens...)
  • The provision of a decision-making digital platform tool for policy-makers, employees and inhabitants
  • Experimentation of new ways of working (telecommuting, modular timetable, co-working), new urban mobility services (carsharing, bicycle), incentive actions and new innovative infrastructures (autonomous shuttle)
  • Evaluating the impact of the experimentations and the players' joint work in order to improve the process.

Toulouse's strong demographic and economic growth creates difficulties in accessing the aeronautical and airport area (71 000 jobs in the airport area and 250 000 extra people estimated in the urban area in 2030).

The innovation lies in the collaborative mode of governance enabling to mobilise the delivery partners and the stakeholders around common objectives and the development of a digital platform to bring lasting changes to ways of working and mobility. This project which is reproducible on the territory and in Europe supports the sustainable growth while preserving the air quality and the quality of life of the employees and inhabitants of the area.