Polis member Barcelona hosts the NeMo Final Conference & Exhibition on electromobility

The role of Polis member Barcelona City Council

During the past three years, the Barcelona City Council (Ajuntament de Barcelona) has profusely collaborated in the definition of needs and requirements within electromobility from an authority perspective, thus matching its e-mobility strategy with NeMo and facilitating the implementation and integration of the proposed solutions in the current city’s mobility infrastructure.

As the only Spanish test site of the NeMo project, the Barcelona City Council has focused on the public taxis scenario, with the main objective to optimise the user experience of taxi drivers by providing them personalised electromobility services according to their history, and extend it to all the electro-mobility actors.

The NeMo Final Event and Exhibition: seamless and sustainable electromobility

The NeMo Final Event and Exhibition will bring together industry and e-roaming platforms representatives, academics and researchers, road, charging point and grid operators, solution providers and other electromobility stakeholders, to share its results leading to the node-based Hyper-Network for Electromobility, the functionalities that it offers and its contribution towards seamless, interoperable and widely available services for all electromobility actors.

During the event, which is a one-day conference and exhibition, the consortium will showcase how NeMo has made electromobility in the road sector more attractive for businesses and users. Through technical presentations, panel discussions, interactive demonstrations and hands-on sessions, prominent speakers from academia and industry as well as renowned experts in the field will present the key elements of the NeMo Hyper-Network.

NeMo Hyper-Network for Electromobility

The element of the NeMo Hyper-Network for Electromobility include the NeMo Common Information Models, an easy creation, execution and delivery of services on the Hyper-Network, as well as the smart horizontal services that NeMo has made available.

In parallel, the Open European Inter-Roaming Protocol, which links different electromobility roaming platforms and enables cross-provider electromobility roaming seamlessly, will be on display; in addition, the specific architecture developed for the Extended Vehicle and Neutral Server deployed via the project’s OEMs will be presented to the attendees.

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