Polis launched 'Thinking Cities' magazine

At the occasion of the 2013 Polis Conference opening on 3 December, Thinking Cities was launched with a cocktail reception in Brussels. More than 200 professionals joined us for the launch reconfirming the sector's interest to give sense to the debate on smart cities and on the role cities and regions can play.

"Thinking Cities gives cities and regions a central platform for European and international exchange. It will allow Polis members to move towards the centre of the debate, and to engage in discussions on new and sustainable transport solutions in cities and regions," said Polis Secretary General Sylvain Haon at the launch.

Send us your feedback!

Thinking Cities shall be a new far reaching platform for Polis members to showcase and discuss their transport strategies, visions and innovation.

We are, therefore, encouraging all our members to send us your feedback on the launch issues, topics you would wish to see covered in the magazine as well as your possible stories! Simply send an email to Dagmar Röller,

Read and Subscribe

  • Print copies of the first full issue (to be released in thebeginning of 2014) will be sent to all our members. To officially subscribe to the Thinking Cities mailing list, please visit
  • The launch issue of Thinking Cities as distributed at the 2013 Polis Conference is available as a pdf file: download here.
  • Photos of the launch event on 3 December 2013 are available on Flickr: Click here.

Launch of 'Thinking Cities' on 3 December in Brussels