POLIS joins Madrid's Observatory on Women and Safe Transport

POLIS Secretary General, Karen Vancluysen, has signed a letter of support to formally join the Observatory on Women and Safe Transport established by POLIS member EMT Madrid.

The Observatory, open to public transport operators and organisations working on transport issues, will study the way in which women use public transport and identify measures to increase their safety women's safety.

On the one hand, the Observatory aims to assess the situation of women as users of public transport to identify situations that may have a more direct impact on their safety. On the other hand, it aims to propose concrete actions to promote public transport as a safe place for women.

The Observatory will hold at least two annual meetings coinciding with two particularly relevant dates, 8 March and 25 November, respectively International Women’s Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The Observatory is made up of a multidisciplinary team and brings together professionals with extensive experience, responsibility, and decision-making power in the areas of action in which both the study and the measures will be launched.

The activities of the Observatory will focus on the following commitments:

  1. Share best practices to ensure the safety of women as users and as employees.
  2. Give visibility to the female employees of our companies, with the aim of creating new references making the transport sector attractive to women and girls.
  3. Promote initiatives to value the work and the research developed aiming to reduce the current employability gap.
  4. Create different working groups in the most sensitive areas, with the aim of facilitating research, focusing on each of the priorities we face as a sector: regulatory compliance, safety and security, academic training and wage gap.
  5. Sharing talent in the organization of round tables and initiatives where we can value the progress that each one from their field can achieve

How to join the Observatory

The Observatory is open to operators and entities that are committed to improving women's safety on public transport and increase the employability of women in the local transport sector.

For more information, please contact EMT Madrid at

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