Polis Environment & Health working group meeting on active travel, April 7-8 in Brussels

The event on April 7th is a joint PASTA and Step-by-Step projects workshop. Both projects have some commonalities: they focus(ed) on sustainable transport approaches to replace private car trips with active travel and other sustainable modes, and encourage walking and cycling.  The workshop comprises dedicated timeslots for discussion, interactive collection of stakeholder feedback and validation.

PASTA is a newly funded European project focused on the promotion and factors enabling active travel (i.e. walking and cycling including the combination with public transport use) in urban environments as an innovative approach to integrate physical activity into individuals’ everyday lives. In its first phase, PASTA is looking into factors affecting physical activity. First findings will be presented and validated by stakeholders.

Step By Step project is part of the Stepping Stones Program ( The three projects in the program focused on travel behaviour change and analised several city case studies. Step by Step will present recommendations for urban transport professionals on how to stimulate (more) sustainable transport behaviour.

The workshop is open to local authorities, practitioners, health and transport experts.

On April 8th the Polis E&H working group will meet to further discuss the Polis health action plan 2014, including presentations of the activities in cooperation with THE PEP and the 4th High Level Meeting at TRA 2014, and best practice from EU cities and the U.S.

More details on how to register for this event will be made available soon. For more information, please contact: