Polis chaired a session on “Autonomous vehicles: A potential game changer for urban mobility” at the Decarbonising Urban Passenger Transport Workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt (France).

The workshop gathered policy makers, planners, researchers and other stakeholders with an interest in clean and sustainable urban transport. The discussions covered best practices in sustainable urban mobility at different levels; effective policy measures to decarbonise urban travel; future fuel use and vehicle technology; the impact of new urban mobility services; and the co-benefits of climate policies in making cities more liveable. A report will summarise the discussions, and gather the recommendations of the workshop. The conclusions of the workshop will also serve as inputs to the ITF modelling work on urban mobility and inform the decarbonising scenarios that ITF is building. The workshop and resulting report is part of ITF’s Decarbonising Transport project, which responds to the need of transport actors to identify effective policies for CO2 reduction and evaluate the impact of national commitments (NDCs) and other measures on CO2 emissions. The DT project offers decision makers the tools for selecting the CO2 reduction measures that deliver on their strategic objectives.

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