Polis and H3B released 'Thinking Cities' #2

Thinking Cities #2:

'Thinking Cities' second issue is titled "Creating the sustainable city" and features, among others, how Polis member Gothenburg uses ITS services to support cycling in the city.

The digital issue can be read online here or downloaded as pdf here.

Thinking Cities #3:

The next print edition of 'Thinking Cities' will be released on 27 November and distributed at the 2014 Polis Conference. Some selected content of the digital issue will remain in the print issue. Additional topics will be interviews with the mayor of next year's Green Capital Bristol as well as with the transport authority of the Brazilian city Belo Horizonte. A critical view on major urban mobility trends will be covered as well as transport and health, smart parking in Madrid and the role of (train) stations' ambiance for attractve public transport.

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