Paris Cable car Project validated, operational by 2021

The Board of Directors of the STIF has validated ealier september the project called "Cable A" - a cable car that will connect Créteil to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges via Limeil-Brevanne.

This project intends to deliver a transportation system mainly targeted to the local citizens. In a geographic area where the relief is per se not an issue, the use of such technology is justified by the different transport system already in place in this urban area - Main road axis, railway station and TGV tracks, road highway and power lines...

Suggested since 2008, this project required a long preparation period with various stakeholders (Region, localities, Gart, Ministries) and finally received a green light in 2016 due to the revision of the french law to allow cable-car pasing over private buildings without using any official expropriation.

With a total amount of 120 miilion euros, this project is financed in majority by the Regional Council, with the support of the State (22,5%) and the intermediate authority (Departement - 25%) and should be completed by 2021.

The operational business model is not clearly defined yet, as the STIF might use the concession model but could also consider a PPP approach. Using the latter would constitute a first in Paris Region.