P-REACT - let feel public transport passengers more secure

The novel surveillance system has been designed to early detect and anticipate volume crimes and antisocial behaviours in areas such as bus stops, alert security in real time, and store data for further employment.

The P-REACT system integrates video and audio analytics both on-site (using an embedded platform connected to local sensors), and remotely on a cloud service. The capability of dynamically adapting the analytic algorithms performed on-site provides a more accurate detection of crime evidences. The goal of the developers was not yet to replicate an ordinary video-surveillance system, but develop an innovative one with some peculiarities:

  • Interoperable (no vendor lock-in).
  • Modular, flexible, scalable, and dynamically configurable.
  • Low-cost.
  • Distributed between a local embedded platform (on-site) and a central service (cloud).
  • Combining multi-sensor technologies (video, depth, and audio analytics).
  • Compliant with privacy.

The project concluded in Bologna in May, 2016, with a successful test in real environment that proved the availability and reliability of the system. Now, the P-REACT partners are investigating solutions to test the system at a larger scale, before launch P-REACT in the market.


Author: Mauro Borioni (SRM Bologna)  -

P-REACT Project: