Outline Agenda available and registration now open: 3rd European Conference on SUMPs, Bremen, 12-13 April 2016

Thematic conference sessions feature a wide range of SUMP development topics such as: how can we best integrate spatial and mobility planning for the city-region;what role can mobility and mobility planning play in fostering social cohesion in a multicultural society; how should we plan for automated urban transport, and many more!

Keynotes from the European Commission and Welcome from the German Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure

The conference will feature keynotes from the European Commission and a welcome address from Rainer Bomba, State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport, will be discuss how the take-up of the SUMP concept can be accelerated across Europe. Nikolaus von Peter, Cabinet of the Commissioner for Transport, will report about the latest European Union policy initiatives.

Site visits and tours in Bremen

The conference is hosted by Bremen, which was winner of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Award 2014. Excursions will demonstrate how planning processes are shaping the creation of low car (and low carbon) neighbourhoods; the promotion of vehicle sharing; electrification of public transport; the optimised management of freight; and the enhancement of cycle infrastructure. Senator Joachim Lohse, Bremen's Senator for the Environment, Construction and Transportation, extends a special invitation to all visiting Mayors and elected city representatives to join a hosted tour of the city and for political talks.

Other sustainable mobility events associated to the SUMP Conference

CiViTAS Learning Centre Training, the "Embracing Active Travel for Health Conference" and the launch event of the European Urban Transport Roadmap 2030 tool will all be taking place at times directly before and after the 3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

To register for the conference and for future agenda updates, please visit the Eltis event page.

Travel and accommodation information is provided in the Outline Agenda. Should you have any enquiries, then please contact the conference preparation team at: