Outcomes of the Smart Cities (EIP-SCC) Electromobility workshop

The purpose of this meeting was to focus on building the market place for Electromobility and roll-out action. There was a general presentation to get to know new initiatives and the EV4SCC.

The event featured a mix of discussions with a specific emphasis on:

  • E- freight

There was a discussion on the Declaration of intent in order to tackle the current situation with a limited supply of e-freight vehicles on the market (and high prices). All participants at the table gave commitments for next steps (including drafting a clear explanation letter).  It was pointed out how Elena Transport can prove to be the most interesting funding programme for these vehicles.

  • E-Buses

There was a discussion on a set of guidelines and procurement principles on clean electric buses in order to get cities and regions signing the declaration of intent. This will be finalised soon and presented at the next Electromobility Stakeholders Forum in Brussels (22 March 2017). Cities and regions were able to see where they were standing on the principle map. As far as it concerned the financing aspect, the European Commission bus initiative and clean transport facility will be developed also by the EIB.

  • E- Fleet

The discussion on e-fleet and smart charging involved a higher number of new participants. The table session set up some goals to be achieved together in order to promote electromobility in Europe. Concrete discussions included: how to build a consortium, develop projects, and proposals. The purpose was also to identify partners’ profiles and calls. It was clear that through this platform, the participants want to support capacity building, provide technical and expert support to develop projects and connect members with financial institutions.

Key is to identify business models to come out of the demonstration phase exclusively financed by public funding and to facilitate replication. The 2017 is the year for delivering concrete outcomes in order to get all partners together and create the future of the marketplace on electromobility. The final objective of the meeting was to take stock of the contribution of each initiative to the EIP-SCC 2016 Roadmap and start co-creating the 2017 Roadmap.