Oristano (IT) : 1st city launching CityMobil2 automated collective transport demonstration

CityMobil2 started in September 2012 and will run for 4 years and has 45 partners drawn from system suppliers, city authorities (and local partners), the research community and networking organisations.

  • ARTS in the City

It sets pilot platform to supply automated road transportation systems in areas of low or dispersed demand complementing the main public transport network of several urban environments across Europe.  ARTS can offer a high-frequency, on demand collective ‘taxi-like’ service, at comparable costs to conventional public transport, in areas of low-medium demand or as a feeder service to the main public transport network.

  • Demonstration sites and showcases

CityMobil2 partners organize effective demonstrations, starting by Oristano (Italy). Buses automatic debut in Sardinia. From the beach of Torre Grande, maritime village of Oristano, part of the European experiment that aims Expo 2015. Prior to arriving in Milan, to accompany visitors to the various exhibitions, CityMobil2 pass through the streets, La Rochelle France and also in Lausanne.

In addition to the demonstrations, CityMobil2 has decided to organise three shorter events called showcases. The city of León in Spain and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) on the French-Swiss border have been chosen to host a showcase this autumn. A third city will be selected in 2015 for a showcase in 2016, while more technological showcases will be held at the 2015 ITS World congress in Bordeaux and the TRA 2016 conference in Poland.

  • Expertise

CityMobil2 will also provide technical and regulatory expertise on legislative and standardisation issues.

For further information, please contact Suzanne Hoadley or visit CityMobil2 website.