Örebro presents ambitious targets in new Cycling Action Plan

Currently one out of four trips made in the municipality of Örebro is performed by bicycle, but the car still counts for more than half of all journeys.

The overall objective of the Örebro transport plan is to significantly increase the use of sustainable modes of transport by its inhabitants and reduce the dependency of car use. By 2020, the plan sets a target to increase walking, cycling and public transport to 60% of all trips made, leaving only 40% of the total share to cars.

The action plan also supports the municipality master plan, the climate plan and the environmental programme for the city. It is also supporting one of many measures in the public health plan: promotion of more physical activity.

Studies show that the mobility pattern hasn’t changed dramatically during the last twenty years and therefore more measures are required to change this trend and get more people to use bicycles. This was pinpointed in a BYPAD audit carried out in the Örebro in 2009, and during the current involvement in the CHAMP project further actions are specified.

In the 'Thinking Cities' magazine that will be launched at this year's Annual Polis Conference, the City of Örebro will present their cycling initiatives in more detail. Örebro will also present cycling initiatives at the Polis Conference, session 2 A: Providing for cyclists and pedestrians on the 4th of December.

Have a look at the plan (in Swedish) here.