Opportunity: Pitch your idea for an article on COVID-19 and mobility!

COVID-19 has dominated global attention in recent weeks and is set to have a lasting impact on society in the months ahead. At Polis, we've been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on mobility through our Keeping Things Moving page, which highlights how cities are responding in urban mobility, and our 'useful resources on COVID-19 and mobility' page, which features select articles, analyses and resources.

Given the huge impact of COVID-19 on urban mobility in cities and regions, we want to contribute to the discussion and understanding on mobility and COVID-19 by giving space to this issue in our upcoming Thinking Cities magazine (in partnership with H3B Media).


Pitch your idea by Monday 13 April

Polis is calling on interested individuals - inside or outside the mobility sector - to contribute to this edition of Thinking Cities by submitting your idea for an article on COVID-19 and urban mobility. If you have an idea for an original article which you think deserves to be featured in our magazine, please get in touch with us setting out your idea and why you think it deserves to be featured in our magazine!

There are endless interesting angles and perspectives on this issue, such as the impacts on modal share, safety and hygiene on public transport and shared mobility, responses to increase urban space for walking and cycling, potential lessons to be learned for the future of urban mobility, and so much more. You are welcome to submit any form of written work -- analyses, commentaries, case studies or anything else is welcome.

If you have an idea for an article, please submit a short abstract (3-4 paragraphs max) by Monday 13 April setting out the following:

  • The specific topic you will focus on
  • Any case studies focused on
  • Why this is important for cities/regions and urban mobility

Please send submissions to Alessia Giorgiutti by Monday 13 April at the latest.

Please note that a draft of the selected articles will need to be submitted by the first week of May.

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