Open Innovation Challenge: Ideas welcomed for inland ports to act on climate

Europe has set ambitious environmental and climate targets for the coming years. Within the transport sector, European inland ports are of crucial importance when considering strategies and approaches to achieve climate targets in the coming years.

To initiate discussion and action on carbon reduction in inland ports, Thinkport VIENNA and the European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP) are organising an Inland Port Open Innovation Challenge. This is based on the recent EFIP Strategy Paper.

Interested parties are being invited to submit ideas for how Europe's inland ports can rise to the challenge and achieve low carbon and sustainable operations in line with Europe's climate and environment targets.

Specifically, ideas are welcomed in three areas:

LOCATION: Innovations at the location of the inland ports in the fields of energy (energy supply and energy generation), logistics services, process optimisation and innovative solutions for local companies and employees.
SERVICES: Ideas for integrating ports into urban logistics, creating new infrastructure or creating new services for cities. Inland ports as suppliers to the city.
CONNECTIVITY: Inland waterways as supply routes (new means of transport, alternative fuels, etc.).

The Challenge is now open, with ideas welcomed until 17 May.

Winning ideas will be presented in Vienna on 8 and 9 October.

For more information, please see the Open Innovation Challenge website.