Official launch of European Cycling Challenge 2016 at CIVITAS Forum in Ljubljana this week!

The European Cycling Challenge, or ECC2016, is the largest urban cyclists team competition that takes place every year in the month of May.

The Challenge is a way to promote cycling through gamification. The competition is open to all people travelling by bicycle in cities which have registered to the challenge.

There campaign objective is threefold:

  • Reducing car trips;
  • Encouraging behavioural change by promoting active mobility;
  • Collecting mobility data to inform transport and urban planning.

The European Cycling Challenge is promoted by the City of Bologna, Italy, and SRM – the Mobility Agency of Bologna.

The Award cerimony of the past ECC2015 edition will take place in Ljubljana at the CIVITAS Forum on Thursday afternoon, October 8th in the presence of Mr. Matej Zakonjšek, Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Transport Mrs. Violeta Bulc.

For more information and to stay abreast of the latest news, please visit the ECC2016 website at