Nijmegen wins Green Capital Award 2018

Following the written round earlier this year, Nijmegen came out first in the final. However, the wide-ranging Nijmegen delegation succeeded in convincing the jury that Nijmegen was most deserving of the title.

Mayor Bruls, who led the Nijmegen delegation, is very proud: “We won this prize thanks to the large and enthusiastic group of ‘green go-getters’ who are making our city more sustainable every day. They are living proof that a better world begins with ourselves. Our families, our neighbourhoods, our work places and our companies. It is therefore thanks to our citizens that Nijmegen has been named the sustainable capital of Europe. It is they who are saying loud and clear: I am Green Capital.”

Alderman for Sustainability Harriët Tiemens, who also addressed the jury: “This is an incredible reward for all the people, companies and institutions that work hard every day to create a more sustainable Nijmegen. It is also an incentive for the city to shift up a gear so that in 2018 we can show all of Europe what Nijmegen has to offer.”

Every year since 2008 the European Commission has awarded the Green Capital Award. The prestigious award has previously gone to Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes, Copenhagen, Bristol and Ljubljana. The goal is to give recognition to local initiatives that support the environment and a sustainable economy and living environment on a European scale. The winning city acts as a role model for other European cities.