Next meeting of Polis TE&M WG coupled with C-ITS and cities workshop

Polis TE&M WG meeting, 7 June 2016

Two main themes will be addressed:

(i) ITS/traffic management skills development and training: the ITS/traffic control environment is changing due to the growth in (open) data and the advent of connected transport systems (C-ITS) and automation. The skills set of ITS/traffic control staff within an administration needs to adapt to this new paradigm. One Polis member will share information about a programme to give engineering students the knowledge and skills to make use of the vast amounts of data becoming available.

(ii) Automation in transport: there is an awful lot of media coverage and hype given to driverless vehicles. So far, the road authority (policy, planning and infrastructure) aspect has been given little attention. It is important for local road/transport authorities to be aware of these automation developments and to consider what could be their impact in terms of traffic management and transport policy. This session constitutes the kick-off of this topic within the TE&M WG.

CODECS City Pool workshop, 6 June 2016

Following the successful ‘C-ITS and cities’ workshop in London on 3 March, organised jointly by the CIMEC  and CODECS project, a follow up workshop will take place in Glasgow during the afternoon of 6 June 2016. The focus of this workshop, organised by the CODECS project, will be future C-ITS use cases, ie, in which cases could C-ITS play a useful role in cities in the future. Within the CODECS project, a number of use cases have already been identified in the following areas: public transport, vulnerable road users and smart cities. The purpose of the Glasgow workshop will be to check whether these match the requirements of local authorities and to identify other use cases or use case areas.

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