New SWITCH newsletter is published

SWITCH has reached the second phase implementation of the project. The five cities Antwerp, Donostia-San Sebastián, Gdansk, London and Vienna have launched their campaigns, recruited participants, and provided their Personalised Travel Plan advice.

This issue gives an overview of the latest project news and international dissemination activities in Istanbul, Vienna and Brussels.

An updated version of the SWITCH Implementation Plan Manual released in November - a great resource for European cities - is now available. This document provides a pathway to designing a successful SWITCH campaign in your city.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with SWITCH experts and hear from our lessons learnt at the "Embracing Active Travel for Health" SWITCH Final Conference, which will take place in Bremen, Germany, on Thursday April 14th, 2016. The conference will illustrate good practices from the five implementation cities, and will unveil the SWITCH Campaign Guide and Toolbox.

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