CROW shares new guide to revised EU RTTI delegated regulation targeting road authority audience

POLIS member, CROW, has drafted a succinct guide to the revised EU Real-time Traffic Information (RTTI) Delegated Regulation, which was adopted in early 2022. The document is intended to clarify the implications of this regulation for road authorities, particularly urban road authorities.

The guide is called ‘Real Time Traffic Information - A clarification of the new RTTI Delegated Regulation for road operators’. An assessment of this regulation from the Dutch perspective is made throughout the document, particularly related to the Dutch Regional Data Teams and the Dutch Data Top 15 Data sets initiatives.

CROW's guide provides:

  • a brief introduction to the legal framework behind this regulation
  • the scope of the RTTI regulation
  • an interpretation of the data types under the different data categories, including crucial data sets, and their relevance to the data priorities of the Dutch data initiatives
  • the geographical scope of the regulation and entry into force
  • the added value of working with private sector ITS service providers and the need for dialogue.

The guide can be downloaded here.