New functionalities now available on the EAFO portal!

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) is the European Commission-funded portal that aims to become the main reference point for information about alternative fuels and infrastructure in Europe.

The EAFO features a web portal that presents data and information on alternative fuels and clean vehicles in Europe, mapping their actual introduction and use, their infrastructure and the existing incentives across the EU. It supports national and EU legislation, programmes and incentives for alternative fuels. The observatory includes information from EU + EFTA members + Turkey (33 countries in total, “Europe” in EAFO definition). The focus is on alternative fuels such as electric vehicles but also vehicle powered by hydrogen, LPG, natural gas (both liquefied and compressed), biofuels, synthetic and paraffinic fuels.

The portal has now introduced new functionalities

By browsing the portal, you can consult:

  • Monthly sales numbers for BEV (Battery electric vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) with new graphs
  • National Policy Framework pages with highlights, graphs and documents you can download
  • A section on alternative fuels for shipping including port infrastructure for shipping
  • A map with fuel stations (electric recharging stations, Hydrogen Refueling Stations, CNG and LNG refueling stations for road vehicles, etc.)
  • New page with updated data

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