New Free training webinar announced on WHO’s Health Economic Assessment Tool (November 23rd)


November 23rd, 11:00am-12:00pm (CET)

You can register here.


Spend 60 minutes with a top team learning how the HEAT tool is developing, and how it’s being used to promote cycling across Europe.

  • Introduction by Francesca Racioppi, WHO Europe, ECF Scientists for Cycling Board member
  • How to use the HEAT - by Nick Cavill, independent health expert who has worked on development & promotion of HEAT since it’s conception
  • Valuing Cycling – Using HEAT results to promote cycling - by Randy Rzewnicki, ECF Health policy officer


Since its introduction, the Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) tool has been seen as a valuable tool to help countries better understand the positive impact that cycling can have.

Understanding how it can be best applied and utilized is a key part of making the most out of the framework. ECF' has produced a report, which can be downloaded here, offering recommendations for improving the use of the HEAT tool.

For more information about HEAT, please visit

Polis is promoting and disseminating the use of HEAT among local authorities in the framework of our cooperation with the World Health Organisation's and UNECE's THE PEP -Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme.