New EU Project to promote cycling and walking in European Cities

The SWITCH project focuses on promoting walking and cycling as important alternatives to car use especially for short urban journey. It uses behaviour change approaches to encourage people to switch to active modes as the basis for healthy, environmental friendly multimodal travel behaviour.

It intends to bridge the gap between potential and current mobility behaviour. It brings together 5 experienced cities Antwerp, Gdansk, London, Donostia- San Sebastián and Vienna, which will combine and locally adapt approaches and develop them into their SWITCH campaign.

SWITCH’s innovation comes from the combination of tried and tested behaviour changes approaches and their application to specific target groups on a large scale. The added – value of SWITCH lies in the combination of a common strategy based on experiences and locally-adapted campaigns. Hence, SWITCH is based on personalised travel planning using arguments for public health and mobility campaigning, and the use of one or more ICT solution as well as local approaches.

The project runs for 24 months.

The SWITCH will be soon released, in the meantime contact Isabelle Maurizi for additional information.