New EU project on Alternative Travel Launched

SWITCH is a new project composed by five leading cities and nine experts in active travel deployment. It focuses on providing practical methodology on how to draw alternative travel campaign.

SWITCH's main objective is to reduce car traffic by switching short urban car journeys to walking and cycling. Breaking car based routines not only impacts mode choice for short trips but opens people's minds to other options for other journeys.

The innovation comes from the combination of tried and tested behaviour change approaches and their application to specific target groups on a large scale.

The core of the local campaigns is a personalised travel plan  using insights from public health and mobility campaigning, and the use of ICT solutions and their application to people in a period of life change for further motivation.

On behalf of SWITCH partners, we are pleased to announced that application for follower city are now open for up to 20 interested cities. As seats are limited, we would encourage you to fill up the application form available on SWITCH website at the earliest convenience.

For further information, please contact Isabelle Maurizi