New electric buses start operations in Aahrus, Denmark

In mid-August, four Volvo 7900 Electric buses have entered traffic in Aarhus, Denmark, by covering 15 kilometres each way along the central route 13. It is the very first time that all-electric buses operate in the city and, as Project Manager Gustav Friis has stated"this is a good first step towards a strong and emission free mobility system in Aarhus".

The news comes after a year-long wait since Volvo received the order from public-transport provider Busselskabet Aarhus Sporveje in Aarhus. Volvo and Busselskabet Aarhus Sporveje will now handle together service and maintenance for the buses.

It’s great that Volvo has been asked to deliver the very first electric buses to Aarhus. More and more cities are choosing to transition to electric buses. Running buses on electricity is the most energy-efficient solution and contributes to a far better quality of life for everyone who lives, travels and spends time in the city,” said Jens Ommen, President Volvo Buses Denmark, in 2018.