New 'Charge-up Europe' alliance formed

Three companies have joined forces to form a new alliance on electric vehicle charging.

Allego, ChargePoint and EVBox have formed the ‘ChargeUp Europe’ e-mobility alliance, aiming to accelerate the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Europe.

The alliance aims to advocate in the EU for investments in charging infrastructure and the removal of market barriers. The aim is to simplify the introduction of electric vehicles and to make the experience for electric car drivers smoother, according to EVBox.

To ensure that infrastructure development keeps pace with the increasing number of electric vehicles and allows for a shift to electric transport, ChargeUp Europe will work to create the right market conditions that encourage investment and create a consumer-oriented, open market model for charging infrastructure in Europe. However, concrete demands were not formulated in the short communications of the participating companies.

To find out more, please see this article from Electrive.