Moscow Transport joins POLIS

POLIS is delighted to welcome Moscow Transport to its network of cities and regions. 

Moscow is the latest city to become a member of POLIS Global Platform, expanding our community of local authorities, transport operators and academic organisations.

Over the last few years, the Russian capital has been developing its mobility services, instituting new cleaner and accessible modes of travel. The city- which boasts the densest rail transport network and world-record growth rate in the number of electric buses on city routes- has been developing smart parking and ticket systems, new cycle infrastructure and ride sharing solutions.

Between 2010 and 2019 daily passenger traffic on public transport networks leapt from 16.7 to 20 million journeys per weekday; while two-thirds of these journeys were made using electric transport.

Joining POLIS as a member of POLIS Global is part of Moscow’s agenda for developing the city's sustainable mobility offerings. Over the next several decades the city has identified key areas for growth including; accessibility, road safety, healthy streets, digitalisation and new mobility modes.

Moscow joins an international community of cities and regions from across Europe- and beyond. POLIS Network’s members and associate members collaborate to enhance sustainable mobility services, exchanging knowledge and best practices on active travel, traffic efficiency, electromobility, road safety, freight (and more).

Through POLIS’ working groups, local authorities and transport operators seek to establish accessible, multimodal and smart transport solutions, while pursuing emissions reduction targets.

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How to become a POLIS member

POLIS is always eager to welcome new members. Membership is open to all European (and non-EU) local and regional authorities including cities, provinces, and regions, as well as to their transport authorities, mobility agencies and local public transport organisations. Non-European cities can become engaged in the network as associated members and link up with their European counterparts via the POLIS Global Platform.

Find out more about POLIS membership here.