Modal shift to public transport with the use of ITS

In recent years, Public Transport policies have developed many different services for citizens, such as ‘infomobility’, which provides travellers with information on the Public Transport services available in their location. Not all EU regions however make use of the same services, which makes it difficult to spread their use at different geographic levels. POLITE partners work together in the exchange and transfer of experiences and improvement of policies, knowledge and good practices on infomobility services in their regions, with the goal of improving their public transport information, control and payment systems.

During the first year of POLITE, the project partners finalized the definition of the infomobility measures and policies that they intend to share as well as to see implemented in their sites. Ten groups of public infomobility related measures/policies have been identified, covering in total 54 more detailed sub-measures. A detailed methodology for search and exchange of good practices was then prepared to ensure a common framework for all partners' searches and analyses. In the beginning of 2013, the project partners shortlisted the good practices by means of specific questionnaires and 6 visits to non-project sites. 31 good practices were selected from around Europe, which address the previously identified measures and policies. These 31 good practices have been analysed by the partners so that each of them selects those which best meet his site policy requirements. Two methods were used in the analysis - an objective methodology and an initial prioritizing by each partner.

The article in the 'Eurotransport' magazine sheds light on some of the selected good practices. The next big step in the POLITE project is a training workshop, to be held on 19 September in Ferrara, Italy, where experts will train the POLITE partners on some of the key good practices which have been favoured by the majority of the consortium. The training workshop will be preceeded by an Intermediate Open Workshop where external stakeholders will have the chance to get to know the POLITE project better.


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