Mobility Lab UK launches a ‘serious game’ for the transport industry

Mobility Lab UK, a transport strategy consultancy that works with policy makers to put citizens' needs at the heart of their strategy, has recently released the live version of the Future of Mobility Scenario Game. This “serious game” allows transport strategy teams, citizens, and anyone interested in the future of mobility  to role play through future transport scenarios in a highly-interactive board game format.

After spending 18 months in beta, the final version includes all new features and supplements the existing 4 roles (National Government, Local Government, Business, and NGO) with a further 7 roles to choose from. A ‘white labelled’ version of the game is also available: in this version, gamers can play their own future mobility scenarios. Mobility Lab UK also provides guidance on how to apply the lessons from the game to real strategy work.


The Scenario Game can be downloaded from the Mobility Lab UK website for free, and can be reused under the Creative Commons Licence. It is also a part of Mobility Lab UK’s Participatory Mobility Futures service, a full transport strategy development service where we work with Councils to develop transport strategies based upon the needs of citizens. You can enquire about the Participatory Mobility Futures

service by emailing Mobility Lab on

The Future of Mobility Scenario Game is based on the Scenario Exploration System (SES) concept initially developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Unit. More information on SES can be found here:

Download the Game now