MOBI-MIX launches Implementation guide for effective Public-Private collaboration in Smart Mobility

Many cities and Smart Mobility providers (e.g. bike-sharing, Mobility as a Service, autonomous mobility) are trying to find ways to collaborate more effectively with each other. We have seen the potential drawbacks when new mobility concepts appear in the streets that are not aligned with local authorities overall goals and policies. Examples include the disturbance of traffic flows caused by the rapid influx of shared e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds. Creating an 'overkill' of providers offering their services and increased tensions among road users due to different usage of space (e.g. driving and parking on sidewalks).


MOBI-MIX is working with the local authorities of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Mechelen, Valenciennes metropole and Norfolk County Council to implement Smart Mobility solutions that are supported by effective Public-Private-Partnership models.

Together with experts from the US and Europe, MOBI-MIX has bundled the most promising insights and examples in an implementation guide for cities and mobility providers to improve their collaboration to unlock the positive potential of Shared Mobility solutions.

View the shared mobility guide here.