MOBI-MIX is looking for examples of Public-Private Partnerships in Smart Mobility Projects!

The MOBI-MIX consortium consisting of the cities Rotterdam, Antwerp, Mechelen, Valenciennes and Norwich are currently collaborating to implement new Smart Mobility solutions in a more effective manner. Besides, they are developing a publicly available handbook that will provide an overview of different strategies, instruments and examples that serve as a starting point or double check for any local authority that aims to better collaborate with the private sector to implement these Smart Mobility solutions.

MOBI-MIX is currently collecting examples of Smart Mobility Projects that include a public-private partnership between a city and the mobility provider(s) to use for the aforementioned handbook. If your city is involved (or has been involved) in such Smart Mobility Projects, MOBI-MIX would love to hear about it! You can provide the information via this form.

If you have any questions regarding MOBI-MIX, the handbook or the survey contact Laura Babío.


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