Members in the spotlight: European Cycling Challenge 2016 in Rome - What an impressive performance! #PedalaPerRoma

For the whole month of May, ECC has been hosted on the @PastaRoma twitter account, where info and news have been displayed daily. New hashtag, new brochure and most important a new approach towards the challenge as a whole.

For the very first time Rome has gathered an unexpectedly big group of local cycling NGOs which have massively contributed to the process of both planning and disseminating the ECC 2016 edition. Once brought on board the NGOs all we had to do was to “pedal like hell” and we did! We have proved wrong those romans who still think investing in “cyclability measures” is a waste of public money or “Rome is not Copenhagen” answer when it comes to change modal shift.

In the previous two editions Rome has progressively grown in numbers, this year though we felt particularly confident and set an audacious goal to reach 200.000km in a month. Well, surprise surprise, Rome not only reached the goal: it went beyond it, having pedaled 205.240km, a cheering +18.5% more than 2015. Both participants (+10.7%) and active cyclists (+14.7%) have progressed from the 2015 edition, showing the potential of cycling through the city.

Other useful ECC data:

  • Over 28.000 journeys
  • 56% bike-to-work journeys
  • 7.4 km average daily distance
  • 13 km/h average daily speed

Thanks to this hard work, also Pasta benefited from the partnership with ECC:

  • 199 more volunteers in the month of May took part in the Pasta survey (2nd best month for recruitment since the launch of the on line questionnaire
  • Currently Rome is the 1st of the 7 case study cities, having recruited 1952 participants.

Initiatives such as ECC and projects like Pasta make us proud to play a key role in sharing a new European sustainable urban mobility culture with the citizens of Rome. Hard work always pays off!

As we’re writing Rome has welcomed a new Mayor, Virginia Raggi, the first woman ever to walk in the Campidoglio. Wishing Ms. Raggi the very best for the tough job she will be facing over the next five years, we reaffirm our allegiance and intention to keep the momentum going towards a more efficient and sustainable city.

Buona fortuna!