Member in the Spotlight: The role of Transport in London

Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni, EGVI and ERTRAC chairman working for Valeo group, shares the same attitude towards sustainability and competitiveness; for him, the both are necessary since there is no choice in a competitive world, beyond Europe. Rather, to him the automotive sector in conjunction with infrastructure related research is by far the most important research sector for Europe’s economy. By not downsizing their research expenditures during the crisis, the sector is now able to deploy technology solutions that can bring clear environmental progress, more safety and more reliability in transport. In the interview, Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni points out that cities and regions will have to play a major role in transport regulation in a more and more connected, democratically accessible and customized demand of mobility.

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This insight has been published in the 'Thinking Cities' magazine, a joint publication of Polis and H3B Media. Issue 4, May/2015, page 70