Member in the Spotlight: In Stavanger, Norway, getting to and from Work with Public Transport has never been easier

The electric bicycles are equipped with Ipads (source: HjemJobbHJem)

Stavanger is located in Rogaland, a region located along one of the breathtaking Norwegian coasts in the west-southern part of the country. Oil deposits off the coast of Stavanger eventually resulted in an accu­mulation of large companies that are now located in a specific part of Stavanger. This leads to the situation that each morning and afternoon, many employees proceed to and from the industrial park, causing huge traffic and congestion. At the same time, these circumstances provide initial points for some strategic planning with regard to a more sustainable and efficient transport.

By implementing "HjemJobbHjem", the target of reducing traffic jams has thus been addressed. Starting off in January 2015, the project incorporated 12 companies accounting for 9.000 employees. To get involved in the project, companies sign a contract and pay between 0,30 and 1 Euro per month per employee. The fee differs depending on the size of the company. Employees then can purchase a mobility card for 500 Kr, which is about 55 Euro, and very inexpensive for Norwegian standards.

Financing a mobility flat rate for the entire region

With the mobility card, employees can use the entire bus and train system in the region and even electrical bicycles when­ever they like, for private or work-related use and seven days a week. The bikes are strategically located close to train and bus stations and are equipped with Ipads. For an additional charge, a company can have its own city bike station. Not only do employees pay less money with HejmJobbHjem compared to a standard ticket, they are also provided unlimited access to buses, trains and electric bikes in the area, making it easier to travel to and from work with public transport. The mobile card itself is seamless: it can be downloaded via smartphone and it is valid from the very moment it is purchased – simply by showing the ticket on the phone to the driver or inspector. Further information, e.g. regarding the electric bikes system, is accessible via smartphone as well.

Remains the question how to finance such a mobility flatrate. Hjem Jobb Hjem is a joint intiative and co-financed by the local public transport partnership Kolumbus, Rogaland region, the Stavanger municipality, Forus business park and the participating companies, along with ticket revenues of purchasing employees.

43 companies on waiting list for their HjemJobbHjem ticket

There are certain conditions companies have to meet in order to join HjemJobbHjem, like carrying out surveys regarding the mobility behaviour of their staff. Additionally, HjemJobbHjem visits the companies and provides some information, talks to employees or finds suitable solutions where needed.

The results so far are impressive: the amount of trips by electric bicycles increased by 25% within the first two weeks after employees could make use of their HjemJobbHjem ticket. In the same period, the use of public transport amongst employees working for companies that join the project increased by 9%. And more is expected to come: for the time being, there are 43 companies on a waiting list that are eager to be incorporated into HjemJobbHjem.

The overall user feedback is very positive, both from companies as well as from employees. Stavanger's administration received comments including “Too good to be true”, or “finally, something that is action, not just talk”. Some users started to think about the project's future and asked the municipality what they are going to do when the trains and buses are full. Until this goal is achieved, the HjemJobbHjem team will continue its work and contribute to a more sustainable mobility in Stavanger.

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