Member in the Spotlight: Catalonia’s two new Multimodal Initiatives

The journey planner is available via the related website and as a smartphone application. Among the next steps, there is an implementation of real-time information as well as taking citizens‘ preference into account.

Along with the Government of Catalonia, Polis and other members collaborate with more than 12 partners from ICT solutions, service providers, research organizations and local authorities. The collaboration results in a European project called „MY WAY“ which is a smartphone application, focusing not only on multimodal transport but on enhancing personal mobility as well. A new approach in „MY WAY“ is that also private modes, such as car, will be integrated. My WAY will be tested in three living labs: Catalonia, Berlin and Trikala (Greece).

The first version of MY WAY is already available for Android and iOS and is being tested in the three living labs.

Read more about the app in Catalonia, Berlin and Trikala

This insight has been published in the 'Thinking Cities' magazine, a joint publication of Polis and H3B Media. Issue 4, May/2015, page 38