Member in the Spotlight: Bristol is Europe's green Capital in 2015

For George Ferguson, being Europe’s Green Capital first of all means that everyone’s live in the city of Bristol is touched. That includes the empowerment of people to ensure that the value of sustainable living is delivered across Bristol.

The role of transport is seen as a vital one that makes a major contribution to the bigger picture of a healthy and sustainable city. Today, 9 out of 10 cars are occupied by a single person only, contributing to congestion, a major issue for Bristol – and a very costly one as well.

In order to tackle this situation, promotion for mode change is performed by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Additionally, joint travel plans with neighboring authorities are being carried out as well as several Parking Schemes in many areas, implementing city-wide 20mph (32km/h). These measurements are being accompanied by investments in walking and cycling infrastructure.

A special learning could be achieved by including four neighboring municipalities of Bristol. A strong network forms the basis for a much cleaner and smarter transport system. Therefore, Mayor George Ferguson has a message to all cities: It is important to work as city regions to tackle poor transport.

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This insight has been published in the 'Thinking Cities' magazine, a joint publication of Polis and H3B Media. Issue 4, November/2014, page 14