Meeting ECOSTARS: Cleaner Fleets – Authority meets Operator

This newsletter outlines the final event's character to which representatives of local governments, operators of vehicle fleets as well as associations working on cleaner transport fleets are invited. The ECOSTARS Forum "Cleaner Fleets – Authority meets Operator” takes place on 19 March 2014 in Santander, Spain.

The newsletter also features updates on recent activities of local ECOSTARS schemes across Europe, on the growth of ECOSTARS in Scotland and the first ever UK wide meeting of ECOSTARS managers. A closer look is taken at the specific challenges that Ostrava faces: In addition to adverse geographical circumstances, air quality in Ostrava is highly impacted by industry, heating and transport. This issue’s "Scheme in the Spotlight” allows you to get an insight on how the city enhances air quality with the help of tools like ECOSTARS and beyond.

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ECOSTARS at 2013 Polis Conference

ECOSTARS project was also present at last week's 2013 Polis Conference during the parallel session 3A "Stimulating the deplyoment of cleaner vehicles" and when hosting a reception during Thursday's coffee break. This allowed the project to make experiences and findings of ECOSTARS available to other local and regional authorities across Europe.

Richard van der Wulp of Rotterdam at the ECOSTARS Reception at the 2013 Annual Polis Conference