Lorry cab design safety requirements could be delayed or even dropped

The Weights and dimensions directive is being revised. This offers the opportunity to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians by making lorry cab design better: improving visibility and placing bumpers on trucks could avoid accidents and lessen the impact when they happen.

After a strong campaign from a coalition of civil society organization and city authorities of which Polis is an active member, the European Parliament adopted a strong text in April 2014 calling for swift implementation of mandatory requirements for safety through cab design. This achievement is at risk of being watered down substantially as the discussion take place amongst the Transport ministers of the member states in the European Council at the moment. The European Parliament is engaged in negotiations with the Council on the compromise text as each of the institutions have their say on this piece of legislation.

Recent research by the Loughborough University’s Design School shows that a longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save the lives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians.

With the revision of the General safety regulation in the pipeline, a strong call for safety through cab design in the compromise on the revision of the Weights and Dimensions would set the ball rolling for safer roads for cyclists and pedestrians (the General safety regulation looks at vehicle design).

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