Local authorities invited to share views on ITS/C-ITS in European cities

CIMEC aims to facilitate the take-up of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) by increasing the alignment of technological solutions with user needs, involving both city decision makers and suppliers if ITS solutions.

This will be achieved by:

  • raising awareness amongst city decision makers for possible urban C-ITS solutions and their potential benefits for the cities
  • developing an understanding of the challenges, enablers and barriers, and strategies for use of C-ITS solutions in European cities
  • bridging the gap between C-ITS development and deployment through city-focused discussion on the most relevant applications of C-ITS technology
  • developing, validating and publishing a roadmap for the roll-out of C-ITS solutions suited to European Cities

CIMEC invites you to participate in a survey aimed at gaining insight to the current use of and views on ITS and C-ITS in European cities.

The survey findings will support the delivery of city-focused workshops to be held in January-February 2016 in the four CIMEC partner cities, as well as for the process of developing a roadmap for deployment of C-ITS in European cities. More information about the workshops and how to participate will be communicated in the months to come.

The preliminary findings of the survey will be presented at the CIMEC-CODECS Joint City Pool workshop on 1 December in Brussels.

The estimated time of completing of the survey is about 20 minutes. It is avaliable in English, German, Spanish and Norwegian.

Please fill in the survey here before 6 November 2015.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues or contacts who might be interested in the topic.

In case of problems with the survey, please contact Suzanne Hoadley ( from Polis for further assistance.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.