Let’s tackle air pollution at all levels, starting now with the NEC Directive

The European Institutions are currently discussing the Revision of the National Emission Ceiling Directive. This piece of legislation will have a strong impact on the standards agreed in Europe in regard to level of pollution emission in urban areas.

In that perspective, both organization are calling for ambitious 2025 targets to limitate the emission ofParticulate Matters, Nitrogen Oxides and Ammonia. Furthermore, we also advocate for the implementation of Real Driving Emission Test procedure, which should reflect the reality in terms of pollutants emitted by cars. Europe should adopt an integrated approach in these issues.

Polis and Eurocities are looking forward to a very positive vote in regard to the National Emission Ceiling Directive which is expected to be voted by the ENVI Committee at the European Parliament next week.

The opinion on Euractiv can be found here