Last week to register for 2017 Polis Conference

Here are some key questions we look forward to discussing with you:

Can there be automated vehicles on real public roads?
In a bid to move beyond the automation hype, city and regional authorities and a supplier will share insights to the challenges of implementing an automated transport service or automated vehicle pilot on real public roads in session 4A.

How to manage on-street parking?
One of the site visits takes delegates to Brussels' regional parking agency. We will see interesting parking practices, after conference session 1C revealed details on urban parking strategies in Barcelona, Stockholm, Bremen and Vevey.

What are the cities thinking?
Cities from around the world tell their stories in the new edition of 'Thinking Cities' magazine. Pick up your free copy on Saint Nicholas Day at the 2017 Polis Conference and find out which city will receive the Thinking Cities Award.

Who'll take the chair?
The rise of new mobility services has led to a growing role for the private sector in transport service provision. High-level panellists will discuss in the closing plenary session what the role of the local authority will be in the future.

Can city streets be safe?
How safe is the road infrastructure and how far do cities get with 30km/h speed limits? These questions will be adressed in sessions 1B and 3B. We continue to study how to save lives at the joint Polis-ITF workshop "From Safety Data to Safer City Streets" (separate registration! More information here).

Register until 25 November to connect with up to 500 transport professionals who work in local and regional governments and related public and private sector organisations.

The 2017 Annual Polis Conference "Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions" takes place on 6-7 December 2017.