Join the New Mobility Services Urban Freight Work Group

The consortium and its project workgroups are now under development and are still very open for new input. In particular, stakeholders working on urban freight might find the Urban Freight Work Group particularly interesting.

Public and private partners who are willing to join the consortium are now welcome to We are now actively searching for both public and private partners that are willing to join the consortium.

It would be of great help to us, if you could distribute this form amongst your network, to maximise possibilities of building a strong Urban Freight work group.

The Urban Freight work group would especially benefit from the participation of:

  • Cities, Regions and Government
  • Industry and SME's
  • Fleet operators
  • Passenger operators
  • E-commerce/E-fullfillment parties
  • Citizens as end-users representatives
  • Experts/expertise centres on all levels and across sectors (special attention going out to agro logistics and health logistics)
  • Wide range of technological innovators
  • Projects with similar scope that have been finalised or are in the midst of finalisation

Enregistering can be done through this form. If you want to join the wider consortium of NMS (other work groups, as mentioned in the enclosed power point), this can be done through this online form.