Join the EIP-SCC Sustainable Mobility Action Cluster Meeting in Sofia, 27-28 June 2018

The EIP-SCC Action Cluster Sustainable Urban Mobility brings together cities and regions with companies to show-case innovative mobility solutions and support their replication at scale in key market segments. It aims to become the leading platform for understanding (and documenting) city needs, bringing stakeholders together, building the tools that support an innovation pipeline, and directly supporting individual networks and projects that are en-route to realisation.

The meeting will take place on 27th June 2018 from 08.30 to 12.30 at the Marinela Hotel Sofia - Blvd "James Bourchier" 100, 1407 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria.

It aims to provide an opportunity to stakeholders invited to network and it provides a platform for the five SUM initiatives to define their work-plan, create and validate concrete project ideas and connect them to funding and financing.

Key sessions of the meeting include:

  • A presentation about the state of play of the initiatives, their past and ongoing activities, do’s & don’ts and next steps;
  • A presentation about funding and financing opportunities available for projects in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility, and examples of projects that successfully managed to obtain economical resources;
  • A working session aimed at defining the work plan of the initiatives, and in which at least one concrete project per initiative will be identified, teams defined, funding / financing solved.

You may find additional information about the initiatives and the sessions of the meeting in the agenda.

If you are willing to participate, please Save your Sit today by registering hereParticipation is on invitation based and is free of charge. Your contribution to the meeting is highly welcome!

For any questions related to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster, please contact