Join the after summer Webinar on EIP-SCC Sustainable UrbanMobility Initiatives on 25/08/2016

The EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster invites you to join its after summer webinar that will focus on the next steps of the Electro-mobility (EV4SCC) and New Mobility Services Initiatives. Entitled ‘What is planned in Electro-mobility & New Mobility Services for the Next Months?’, the event will set out the Initiatives’ actions and ambitions for the third quarter of 2016. It will take place the 25th of August starting at 14.00 h CET.

During the webinar, representatives of these two EIP-SCC Initiatives will report about the state of play of the actions scheduled during the last meetings (May 2016) and will talk about upcoming events, partnerships, project opportunities and activities. As an extra feature, the ESPRESSO consortium will share their views and collect comments from the audience on smart cities indicators.

Further information on the agenda is available on the event’s webpage.

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