Join Interreg Europe’s peer review service 

Interreg Europe provides the opportunity to team up with experienced peers to improve your regional policies. From structural funds management, to regional development policies, experts will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of smart and sustainable solutions from other regions.

Interreg Europe, one of the key instruments of the European Union (EU) to support cooperation across borders through project funding, invites you to participate at the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. Driven by the spirit of interregional learning, this platform offers three different services (policy help, matchmaking sessions and peer review), each tailored to your needs and the complexity of the challenge you are facing.

Peer review allows to develop specialized services suited to your needs, through the organization of 2- day meetings in your region or online. Going deep into the issues and challenges you are facing, our peer review service will allow you to exchange, learn and brainstorm with a carefully selected group of practitioners from other European regions. 

Whether you aim at boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in your region, improve the management of your Natura 2000 sites or get ready for next programming period, chances are someone, somewhere, already was in a similar situation and can help with concrete ideas and solutions. Our experts will bring their support and facilitate the process from A to Z, without any additional costs for you. Considering your specific regional context and stakeholder views, this exercise will bring you inspiration and a clear vision for your future work.

‘It would be too expensive not to do it. Indeed, we neither have the funding nor the time to miss the opportunity of benefitting from the experiences of others, good and bad. The peer review allows you to show that new ideas and approaches work elsewhere, a powerful tool.’

Host of a peer review, Jan Nylander, Region Gävleborg, Sweden 

Three reasons to apply:

  • FIND the best solution for your regional challenge through exchanging with peers
  • MEET in person or online; the format will be adapted to your needs
  • EASY application process, online, no supporting documents


Interested? Our call for applications is always open! 

More information here 

Any questions? Contact: Elena Ferrario, Thematic Manager (+33 669 08 55 92)