ITS4Climate conference - 17-18 September

The ITS4C 2019 comprises two full days of conference, exhibition and demonstrations; networking opportunities; plenary, executive, and workshop sessions; high-level keynote speakers.

The conference features six topics. Leading up to the event, expert groups will prepare a Briefing paper for each topic, adding conclusions from the congress proceedings.

  • TOPIC 1. Meeting climate goals: measuring and evaluating GHG emissions
  • TOPIC 2. Low(er)-carbon technologies and solutions
  • TOPIC 3. Improving network, mode and system efficiency
  • TOPIC 4. Decarbonising freight and logistics management
  • TOPIC 5. Mobility (and Accessibility) as a Service for climate (MaaS4C)
  • TOPIC 6. Implementation challenges, enablers and barriers

For more information, visit the ITS4Climate website.

Im Vordergrund die drei Elbschlösser (Schloss Albrechtsberg, Lingnerschloss und Schloss Eckberg) und das Blaue Wunder. Foto: