Invitation for Commitments for Smart Cities and Communities now open

Under the leadership of Directorate General Connect, but also involving Directorate Generals Environment and Transport, the European Commission has launched an invitation for Commitments for the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities.

The Invitation for Commitments is distinct and independent from Calls under Horizon 2020; it is not a funding instrument and does not give access to funding. The aim is to promote better coordination About facilitating finding partners between different stakeholders who have an interest in/work on one of more of the three strategic areas outlined in the Strategic implementation Plan (SIP), published on October 2013. The strategic areas are the following:

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility – Alternative energies, public transport, efficient logistics, planning;
  • Sustainable Districts and Built Environment –improving the energy efficiency of buildings and districts, increasing the share of renewable energy sources used and the liveability of our communities;
  • Integrated Infrastructures and processes across Energy, ICT and Transport – connecting infrastructure assets to improve the efficiency and sustainability of cities.

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) brings together cities, industry, innovative SMEs, research organisations and civil society actors to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions across the ICT, energy and transport and mobility sectors.

Specifically aimed at cities and companies, becoming part of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities is all about finding the right partners, facilitating synergies between city authorities and companies together with other stakeholders so that also access to finance becomes facilitated. It should enable partners to promote their actions, engage with others, learn from others and create partnerships. The aim is to communicate and share plans and initiative for actions.

The commitments must be European driven, but partners from third countries can also take part. Members of networks such as the Green Digital Charter, the Covenant of Mayors, the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform as well as CIVITAS to respond to this invitation are encourage to join.

It is possible to modify any application for commitment up until the deadline. However, once the applicants have selected the option “Submit” online, there is no possibility to modify the application. The application process is now open online. With the aim of being simplified, the application.

The EC insists on the fact that the commitments must be clearly delivery orientated with a deadline for implementation. The timeframe however, is quite flexible, as it falls within the 2020 framework, the indicative timeline is a commitment to deliver by 2020.

Successful candidates will be presented with a certificate from the EC stating that they are part of the EIP Smart Cities and Communities that they may be able to promote in their town hall for instance. Furthermore, in the follow-up, successful applicants are likely to be invited to become part of working groups, called 'Action Clusters', so to facilitate close operational cooperation and exchange - across sectors and between the supply and demand sides – possibly leading up to joint work plans on a voluntary basis.

To get more information and to submit a commitment, click here