Interested in open ITS systems? The POSSE Forum is for you

City authorities, highways authorities and universities from across Europe and beyond have joined the POSSE Open ITS Systems Forum in order to learn more about open specifications and standards for ITS and to understand how they can benefit from the open systems approaches adopted in the UK and Germany. Forum members are able to engage directly with the technical experts on open specifications and standards as well as with local authorities that have adopted the approach and are therefore in a position to share hands-on experiences.  If you are interested to join the Forum or obtain more information on the POSSE Forum, visit the dedicated web page.

The next Forum meeting will take place on December, 3rd in Brussels. The meeting has two main aims: firstly, to share and seek feedback on POSSE developments; and, secondly, to clarify the role of open specifications and standards in delivering wider European ITS objectives of open data, coordinated traffic management at the urban-interurban interface and cooperative systems.

The Forum meeting will cover developments within the POSSE project and will look at the wider landscape of open specifications and standards (DATEX, DVM Exchange, etc). In addition, the Forum will debate the role of open systems in the wider European ITS context, specifically what role should the EC play in promoting open systems, what is the link between open systems and open data and how can existing open system frameworks tackle the next generation of ITS, ie, cooperative systems.

The meeting will take place the day after the European Commission conference on ITS (organised by DG MOVE) and the day before the 2013 Polis Conference. This makes an attractive programme of events.

The draft agenda can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please register for the meeting by 15 November at: